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Monkey Majik – Dream World

Also known as 夢の世界 (Yume no Sekai), Dream World is the first single of Monkey Majik’s sixth album titled westview, released on February 2nd 2011.


P!nk – Fuckin’ Perfect

Fuckin’ Perfect is the second single to promote Pink’s greatest hits collection, Greatest Hits… So Far!!!. It was directed by Dave Meyers, who’s directed several other Pink music videos including Raise your Glass and Stupid Girls.


Seo Taiji Symphony – 3-DVD Disc

In this 3-disc DVD set, Korean musician Seo Taiji gets together with English conductor Tolga Kashif for a crossover musical extravaganza that combines Taiji’s multi-genre repertoire with Kashif’s symphonic expertise to create an explosive performance that stands right next to Metallica’s S&M symphonic rock album.


Miyavi – What’s my Name?

After the birth of his two beautiful daughters the Neo-Japaneze Samurai Guitarist has made his comeback this year with this spiffy new album What’s My Name?, although Oresama himself would prefer to call it a re-debut album.


Exist Trace – Twin Gate

All girl Visual Kei bands are a rare breed, which makes Exist Trace a jewel among indie visual bands. Although they’ve been around since 2003 Twin Gate is their first full-length album.