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Latin Wave in Asia

A list of songs by Asian musicians with some Latin flavor, some have decided to give songs their own spin, some others have done lyrics in their own language, and others are giving the language a spin.


Monkey Majik – westview

Monkey Majik’s sixth studio album titled westview comes charged with acoustic catchy pop tunes in six full tracks in English, and the rest in funny Japanese or combining it with English.


FLiP – Cart ni Ago

All girl band FLiP return with new single カートニアゴ(Cart ni Ago). The band consists of Sachiko Tanaki on vocals and guitar, Yuko Nagadou also on guitar, Sayaka Miyagi playing bass and Yuumi Tamaki rockin’ the drums


alice nine – GEMINI

GEMINI is very cohesive, the instrumentation is beautiful and the concept is mysterious. A must-listen for Jrock, rock and alice nine fans alike.

CNBLUE – Thank U 0

CNBLUE – Thank U

CNBLUE’s Thank U is one of those albums that isn’t outstanding without failing, but from the get-go will be fun to listen to.


Walrus – Seoul Witch

The second single from Walrus “Seoul Witch” stars their lead singer JaeWook Kim and Hye-Jin Han. The video tells the tale of two lovers stranded in the desert and how they get frustrated and separate.


Walrus – To Be

Walrus, the band featuring Korean actor and model Jae-Wook Kim as the lead singer and guitarist, released their first video from their 3-track single.


Superfly – Beep!!

Formed in 2007, Superfly will be releasing the band’s 12th single Beep!! / Sunshine Sunshine, which will be probably included in the band’s yet to be announced studio album.


Beginner’s Guide to Jay Chou

So… you’re looking to get into Jay Chou after seeing The Green Hornet or what not? Maybe you’re planning to start your Mandarin lessons, and even plan into deeping your toes into some Chinese or overall Asian music? Well, what better way to get into Chinese/Asian music than starting with Jay Chou.


Telepathy – Fantastic Love

Electro-rock band from South Korea Telepathy is back with their second album Big Wave and their single Fantastic Love, directed by Bak Yuseok from VisualFactory DOT.