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Maroon 5 – Runaway

It’s been almost a year since Maroon 5 released Hands All Over, and Runaway becomes its fourth, and probably last, single of the album. Though not a remarkable song, it contains the characteristic Maroon 5 traits. But… where is the band?


Interview with IAMMEDIC

I’ve been really enjoying the sounds of California-based electronic rock/glitch/pop band, IAMMEDIC for awhile now, and I decided to contact them for an interview.


Jeremy Ji – Goldfish Tears

Goldfish Tears (金魚的眼淚) is the first single for Jeremy Ji’s (紀佳松) sophomore album Fish Man (魚人), which will be released on April 8th.


Sucker Punch OST

Most of the time, films use music to fill in awkward gaps in dialogue, or for random mash-up scenes that are meant to pull on your emotional heart strings. Sucker Punch used the music to tell the story


Sucker Punch

When 20-year-old Baby Doll loses her mother she knows instantly that she has to protect herself and her little sister from their stepfather. But things don’t go as planned: Baby Doll’s sister is dead, she has a gun in her hand and her stepfather winds up committing her to a mental institution.


F.I.R. – Chapter VI Atlantis

F.I.R. (飛兒樂團/飞儿乐团) releases its new single Chapter VI Atlantis (第六章 亞特蘭提斯) from their upcoming 6th album Atlantis (亞特蘭提斯), set to launch on April 15th.