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Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

A group of friends grow up, grow apart, and Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani hints at the coming of age aspects of a film on friendship more than a run of the mill rom-com.


What’s the deal with Ylvis?

What had been just a promo video for a Norwegian talk show has become a bewildering hit on video hosts and music charts. But never mind The Fox. What is Ylvis?


Monkey Majik – Alive

Japanese-Canadian group Monkey Majik will be releasing their 8th studio album next week titled DNA, which includes this single titled Alive.


IU – The Red Shoes

South Korean singer IU has just released her third studio album titled Modern Times, and has been promoting the album with lead single The Red Shoes (분홍신), alongside longtime collaborators Hwang Soo Ah, Kim Eana and Lee Min-Soo.


Block B – Very Good MV

If your nightmares are made of clowns, I really don’t suggest you watch Block B’s lead comeback single, which follows their tradition of energetic yet disturbingly fun clips as the guys attempt a bank heist taken straight out of the disturbing mind of Christopher Nolan and Heath Ledger’s Joker in The Dark Knight.


TINY-G – Miss You MV

I always wondered how long it would take the industry to change TINY-G’s image concept into something that is was not. It wasn’t long, just take a look at their video for Miss You (보고파).


Cumbia Ninja

I am… not going to lie to you. Fifteen years ago, I would have totally ate all the Cumbia Ninja business up. Besides murder, backstabbing, gangs, despair and love… there’s dragons and music.