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The Lady Trailer

The Lady is an epic love story about how an extraordinary couple and family sacrifice their happiness at great human cost for a higher cause.


Ides of March, The

The Ides of March is fast-paced, clever and interesting. You are shown the back-side of the political game, the high and the lows — in where even the hero isn’t as good as you thought.


Circumstance (2011)

Circumstance is not a family drama, is not political, is not a romance between two girls in impossible circumstances who won’t make it through — it’s all of those.


Stockholm Film Festival 2011

The 22nd edition of the Stockholm Film Festival was all about love. Love for movies, love for art as well as movies about love. Boasting over 170 movies from 44 countries, there was always something to watch for everyone.


Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975, The

Black Power Mixtape is an educational masterpiece in the world of documentaries that gives us general perspectives of the Black Power Movement as well as specific delineations of strong characters within.

This Is Not A Film Trailer with Portuguese Subtitles

This Is Not A Film Trailer with Portuguese Subtitles

Iranian director Jafar Panahi was put on house arrest because the Iranian government says he was making a movie criticizing the regime. During the house arrest, bored and very much frustrated with his situation, Pahani decided to step in front of the camera to give us his side of the story.