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Violeta Went to Heaven

Violeta Went to Heaven is a film about Chilean artist Violeta Parra, who is famous for composing Gracias a la Vida (Thanks to Life) made immensely popular by Mercedes Sosa.

Lorax, The 9

Lorax, The

Following his grandmother’s advice Ted ventures into the outskirts of the walled city of Thneed Ville to find the Once-Ler, the only one alive who could help him find a real tree.

My Kdrama obsession: The Fistpump Edition 0

My Kdrama obsession: The Fistpump Edition

In where I start firstpumping a little seeing as The Moon That Embraces The Sun and Shut Up: Flower Boy Band keep on being awesome, cry a little because Dream High 2 is still sucking and I keep on spazzing about Korean dramas.


Happy Feet Two

Admit it, Happy Feet set itself a pretty damn high standard, however, this sequel isn’t awful. It’s not perfect, but it’s incredibly entertaining.


Mayday 3DNA

Taiwanese mega-band Mayday gives a concert in Shanghai that a girl in Guangzhou, a broken-hearted couple, and a bike courier are all attending.


Muppets, The (2011)

The Muppets brings back the Henson characters we all know and love, proving that everything is great and everything is grand.

January 2012: New Beginnings 6

January 2012: New Beginnings

My entire list of new-to-me films for the month of January, as well as a decade breakdown and a few words on five new favorites.