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Yankie – Lost in Memories

Stepping out into the spotlight on his own, Yankie of the hip-hop duo TBNY released his first solo album, Lost In Memories. The album boasts an amazing line up of featured artists, high quality production and amazing lyrics.


Sound of Noise

Sound of Noise tells the story of a group of musicians that dream of a world with music that is free and available to all. Then, there’s the cop that hates music because he is tone deaf.


YAM – Issue 012

Our latest and last issue as a PDF. This marks a new beginning for us, and marks the actual 2-month countdown for the opening of yam-mag.com. In this issue, McNeil from The Dark of the Matinee gives us a look at what was the Toronto Film Festival this year, and gives his thoughts on Let Me In, Black Swan, and Norwegian Wood.