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R. Chord ft. Lala Hsu – Under the Willow Tree

Taiwanese singer songwriter R. Chord, sometimes also known as A. Chord, gets together with Lala Hsu for Under the Willow Tree (柳樹下), extract from R. Chord’s latest album When You Grow Up (於是長大了以後), released on May 27.


Iwan – Ashofek

Lebanese singer songwriter’s latest single Ashofek (إيوان), from his upcoming third album, is directed by May Elias.


Laure Shang Teases with New Album: Hello World

It hasn’t been too long since Laure Shang released Nightmare, but she’s already teasing her fans with images from her upcoming album Hello World, which she’s producing and composing, as well as taking charge of her image, her MVs, and graphic design.


Beyoncé – Run the World (Girls)

Beyonce’s latest lead single, Run the World (Girls), is a hard-hitting, aggressive pop song with heavy hints of tribal throughout the whole song. Released to promote her upcoming fourth studio album, aptly titled 4, which is set to launch on June 28.