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Leehom Wang – 12 Zodiacs

Leehom Wang releases his newest single, 12 Zodiacs (十二生肖), directed by Bounce and Leehom himself, with a very special appearance from Jackie Chan for, possibly, his latest film Chinese Zodiac (十二生肖).


SingerSen – The World in my Eyes

And this is exactly where something transforms from a simple love affair to a desire to forever walk in the presence of the one you love. SingerSen’s debut is an album that’s all emotion and endless beauty.


SingerSen – Cables

SingerSen preps herself for the release of her first full-length album titled The World in my Eyes (森视界) with her latest single Cables, directed by SeenVision.


Chris Lee – Cold Blade

With lyrics by Vincent Fang and music by Jay Chou, Chris Lee delivers the song Cold Blade (刀锋偏冷) to promote her upcoming film The Guillotines (血滴子), directed by Andrew Lau.


Bjork – Mutual Core

Bjork is about to release her third remix album, titled Bastards, and has released the music video for Mutual Core remixed by These New Puritans, and directed by Andrew Thomas Huang.


Esteman – 1er Acto

Esteman’s debut album might exceed anyone’s expectation with his mix of pop and slight electronic influences all into a flavorful Latin wrap, swiftly singing back and forth in Spanish, English and French with the best of the new Colombian music scene… without ever forgetting the incomparable Andrea Echeverri, of course.