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My Favorite Food TV~

Whether a show hunting down food anywhere in the world, one where they teach you how to make stuff, a reality show following the happenings behind the scenes of a food-related company, a food contest or an educational one, chances are, you’ve watched Food TV one way or the other. So this is my list of Food TV and its people.



Widow Tampopo sets out to find the perfect recipe to make ramen alongside truck driver Goro.


Nonchan Noriben

Nonchan Noriben is a movie about a woman’s struggle to get on her feet after she decides to get a divorce, just as much as it is a movie about food-making.


Shinya Shokudo (Manga)

What do you get when you put a bunch of colorful strangers meeting after midnight at a rather simple restaurant where the chef presents you with a basic menu, but offers to prepare anything you ask for as long as it is as simple as his establishment?

Butter (2011) Trailer 1

Butter (2011) Trailer

Jennifer Garner plays proper Laura Pickler, whose sole purpose in life is to defend the moral values and tradition that comes in a butter-sculpting contest.