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Kalafina – After Eden

As a whole After Eden is a very dramatic album with great moments and magnificent composition. The variety of rhythms and styles will surely impress you.


Simon D. – Cheerz

What does Hip Hop sound like when combined with Big Band, Latin, Tango and some Pop Baroque? Check out Simon D’s single for Cheerz (짠해).


Vintage – Trees

Vintage (Винтаж) releases their music video for Trees (Деревья), fourth single from their upcoming third album Anya (Анечка), directed by Sergei Tkachenko (Сергей Ткаченко).


Hebe Tien – Give Me a Better Rival

Hebe Tien’s third single, Give Me a Better Rival (請你給我好一點的情敵), shows her as she looks upon and competes against her lover’s others lovers, whom she deems not worthy to be her rivals.