Tagged: genre: documentary


Samsara (2011)

Ron Fricke delivers another gorgeous documentary that allows us to travel the world and experience new things, even if it is a little preachy sometimes.


Bad 25 (TV Special)

ABC’s broadcast of Spike Lee’s documentary on Michael Jackson’s work on Bad to celebrate its 25th anniversary.


Ten no Shizuku Trailer

Ten no Shizuku (天のしずく) is a documentary by Atsunori Kawamura (河邑厚徳) that follows cooking expert and essayist Yoshiko Tatsumi (辰巳芳子), considered a pioneer in home-cooking research.


Call Me Kuchu

In 2009, Ugandan politician David Bahati introduced a draconian bill that would make homosexuality in the country punishable by death. Moreover, anyone who knowingly harbored a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender person — or “kuchu” — would also be held criminally accountable.


Paul Smith, Gentleman Designer

Stéphane Carrel follows fashion designer Paul Smith to explain the idea of “maximizing Britishness,” which is the backbone of the brand he’s built for decades.


Three Stars (2010)

Three Stars is Lutz Hachmeister’s attempt to lift the veil surrounding the world of those who managed to climb to the pedestal of that sacred publication, holiest of all grails for most aspiring and confirmed chefs: the Michelin Guide.