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Super, Girls!

Super, Girls! is a documentary following a group of girls who are set to audition to get into Super Girl, China’s most popular pop idol-style type of show for girls, where people from different backgrounds try to get onto the show to fulfill their dreams of becoming famous and change their luck.


Last Train Home

The Last Train Home is a documentary that follows the Zhang family during the most tumultuous time of the year in China, Chinese New Year week, where train stations are packed with people from all over the country trying to get back home.


Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

Never Say Never is a good movie that could have been a great film. It was a pop culture exploitation, a fascinating exploration of the pop idol psyche, and the way that modern technology affects the time-honored tradition of teeny bop worship.


Exit Through the Gift Shop

Exit Through the Gift Shop is a documentary by mysterious street artist Banksy as he obtains the footage to chronicle the effervescent rise of Thierry Guetta as “street artist” Mr. Brainwash.

Mothers’ Way, Daughters’ Choice Trailer 0

Mothers’ Way, Daughters’ Choice Trailer

Directed by Kyoko Gasha, Mothers’ Way, Daughters’ Choice chronicles the lives of different successful Japanese women that had to leave Japan for New York to live their lives the way they wanted to, as they struggle to reconcile their traditional upbringing and their desires for unique lives.

Sounds of Stockholm 6

Sounds of Stockholm

Valerie Toumayan is a freelance designer that has been interested in Swedish artists and music scene, having now spent 5 years of her life filming their shows.


Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work

Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work is a candid documentary about a year in the life of Joan Rivers as she struggles to keep her schedule busy with a career in the entertainment industry that goes on and off as it pleases.


How Animation is Made!

Danny Choo over at CultureJapan has made a 15min documentary that shows what goes into making animation over at Production I.G studios (The Sky Crawlers).