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GD&TOP – Baby Good Night

Big Bang members G-Dragon and TOP continue their string of electropop music videos, starting with High High and 뻑이가요 (KNOCK OUT), with an R&B electro-infused ballad, Baby Good Night.


TVXQ! – Why? Keep your Head Down

Preparing for their debut Keep your Head Down as a two-member group, DBSK launches their first formal single 왜 (Keep Your Head Down) with tight beats and stylish sync dancing.


2PM – Don’t Stop Can’t Stop

This mini-album — the first after former member JaeBom left the group — is a step 2PM takes to reinvent themselves, with a little R&B mixed with dance tracks. Nothing really stands out, yet it doesn’t really suck.



Big Bang members G-Dragon and TOP get together with this electropop song that, if we understood Korean, we would probably be mad at the lyrics.