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SEA Absolute Indie Compilation

As a compilation album, SEA Absolute Indie is value-for-money for sure. Not only does it offer a most up-to-date overview of the indie band music scene in South East Asia through most of the songs therein, it is also a truly informative resource if you are looking out for the “next big thing” in the region.


Waa Wei – Meteorite

Waa Wei is on a roll promoting a new music video for the song titled Meteorite (隕石), a strangely inviting folk song that turns rock with hints of classical elements.


Waa Wei – Good Night, Good Night

Taiwanese indie folk singer Waa Wei returns with her latest album, No Crying (不允許哭泣的場合), set for a November 10th release which includes her latest single Good Night, Good Night (晚安晚安).