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Air Bag One – Whatever You Want 0

Air Bag One – Whatever You Want

French band Air Bag One’s latest single, Whatever You Want, directed by Koya Kamura & Matthias Jenny, shows the guys in stylish slo-mo shooting-mode against a backdrop of visual settings.

The Magic of Numbers…?! 0

The Magic of Numbers…?!

What kind of magical powers do numbers have in the realm of music? What is the source of power behind it? Adrienne has an interesting case to make in this blog post.

Zhala – Slippin Around 0

Zhala – Slippin Around

“Slippin Around” is a bittersweet hymn of atmospheric sound weaves, theatrical choirs, broken electronica, rugged lo-fi drums and above all, the stunningly clear pop tone of Zhala’s voice.

Lune – Blood to Play 0

Lune – Blood to Play

Blood To Play is a little different from the Lune I heard last year. It’s a little faster and a little rock and roll. It’s not bad, it’s pretty interesting, that is for sure.