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Contribute to Tiny Stories Volume 2

hitREcords.org, an open-collaborative production company created by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, is embarking on a new project. Be part of a global happening that aims to share art in a very innovative way.


Be Part of Mimyo’s Left Words

Mimyo is Yongmin Moon, a Korean singer that resides in Paris. For the upcoming release of the video for her single, Left Words, she has started a project in where everybody is welcome to join.


Thy Idols … Thy Inspirations

How does creativity get passed on and programmed into the genes of humans from generation to generation? From Bjork to Shiina Ringo to My Chemical Romance, Adrienne argues for a most “non-traditional” way — and backs it up with some of the most interesting fan-made videos out there.


Prometheus Fan Trailer

I’ve fallen into the promoters’ hands: I’ve made a trailer for the upcoming sci-fi film Prometheus.


Julyssa and Amy LOVE: Sunny

Our dear editors, Julyssa and Amy, sat down one evening to try and discuss their love for the Korean movie Sunny. They tried to bring up some elements they enjoyed, but in the end they just ended up rambling about it.