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Dear, Film Industry; Stop It~

Why do I need to pay over $30 USD for a copy of your movie? And why isn’t a single-disc Blu-ray available for pre-order?


Amy’s Blast from the Past: Xiang~ Jian, Jian, Dan, Dan, Ai~

Well, he has just uploaded a crisp and clear version of the non-plus ultra song~ Simple Love (簡單愛) — if you ever checked my Beginner’s Guide to Jay Chou list, you would know this is my cherry-popping Cpop song. Perfect for this Blast from the Past.


In Latin America, The Dark Knight fears Brave?

Lima Rises against the third Batman film being released on July 26. However, Brave hogs the Peruvian theaters on the same weekend that The Dark Knight Rises premieres worldwide. Batman fears Brave?