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SM Town in Paris 2011

I attended the historical SM Town concert that was held in Paris on June 10 and 11. First time a Korean pop concert of this kind is held in Europe. The experience, memories, but mostly the opportunity to see the artists I love live.


TVXQ! – Before U Go

Latest single Before U Go (이것만은 알고가) is an R&B song from now duo DBSK, who have just released a repackaged version of their album Keep Your Head Down, released early January this year.


TVXQ! – Why? Keep your Head Down

Preparing for their debut Keep your Head Down as a two-member group, DBSK launches their first formal single 왜 (Keep Your Head Down) with tight beats and stylish sync dancing.


Top5 Worldwide Entertainment Wishes for 2011

The YAM Magazine team wishes everyone a Happy 2011 (for those of you who live on the other side of the world), and wishes a kick ass New Year’s Eve for those of you still celebrating. For this special day, these our five wishes for the upcoming year~


Sungkyunkwan Scandal

Sungkyunkwan Scandal tells the story of a smart and gifted young woman who is forced to dress as a man to be able to work during Korea’s Joseon era. Her path is crossed with a very stick-in-the-mud yet righteous young man that sees her potential and forces her to join Sungkyunkwan — a school for men.


TVXQ! – Athena

Having been gone for more than a year, the remaining members of the very popular group DBSK have released their very awaited single, 아테나 (Athena).