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Waltz with Bashir

Waltz with Bashir melds together documentary and narrative in order to present this disassociation between memory and reality for veterans long after the war.

Stendeck – Catch the Midnight Girl (NSFW) 0

Stendeck – Catch the Midnight Girl (NSFW)

A stunning music video has been released for Switzerland’s electronic music act Stendeck titled Catch the Midning Girl from Stendeck’s 2011 album, scintilla.


Dangerous Method, A

Freud against Jung in the battle of the human mind. Mortensen against Fassbender in the battle of hottest man in a mustache. A Dangerous Method takes us behind the friendship and rivalry of two great men that established modern psychology.


Cat in Paris, A

In the daytime, Dino catches lizards. At night, Dino becomes The Cat and helps Nico make a living by stealing.


Stockholm Film Festival 2011

The 22nd edition of the Stockholm Film Festival was all about love. Love for movies, love for art as well as movies about love. Boasting over 170 movies from 44 countries, there was always something to watch for everyone.