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Julyssa’s Jukebox

I list five tracks that I’ve been listening to nonstop this week. It’s a mixture of genres and music from around the world. What is currently being played in my playlist? Read and find out!

The Pass It On Experience 0

The Pass It On Experience

Well, I finally got to hear the Adam Tensta one of a kind song. You remember me telling you about it weeks ago? That is how long it took to be able to listen to it.


Interview with Michael Kiwanuka

The new rising soul legend, Michael Kiwanuka, is currently on tour promoting his new album Home Again. Critics all around the world have been amazed by the talent this 24-year-old has. YAM got a chance to see him as he played in Stockholm on this sunny spring day.


Mofeta & Jerre feat. Spidergods – Stockholm, Sweden 2012

Seeing Mofeta & Jerre live is pure love. There is so much energy being thrown around in the room, so much fun. Mofeta raps quickly, keeping up the high tempo all night long. Jerre plays his guitar and sweats like he is playing for his life. Add to it the amazing Spiderdogs band, all that soul, jazz and funk and this concert turned into a potpourri of music genres with a whole lot of jam.

Tiffany K – Floating 0

Tiffany K – Floating

From Sweden we have debuting reggae artist Tiffany K. Here is the video to what could be classified as her debut single, Floating.

Zhala – Slippin Around 0

Zhala – Slippin Around

“Slippin Around” is a bittersweet hymn of atmospheric sound weaves, theatrical choirs, broken electronica, rugged lo-fi drums and above all, the stunningly clear pop tone of Zhala’s voice.

Lune – Blood to Play 0

Lune – Blood to Play

Blood To Play is a little different from the Lune I heard last year. It’s a little faster and a little rock and roll. It’s not bad, it’s pretty interesting, that is for sure.


H.E.A.T – Living on the Run

The fans were anxious, but after some time waiting for it, H.E.A.T has released the music video for their single Living on the Run from their freshly released album Address the Nation.