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Gebo and the Shadow

Gebo is an honest collector who tries to protect his sour and tormented wife, Doroteia, from the idea of having a thief son- João is an unscrupulous greedy man who has been missing for the past eight years and has just come back home to steal money without showing any kind of mercy.


América, Uma História Bem Portuguesa

This is a comedy… of sorts, about a Russian immigrant in Portugal who’s married to a small-time crook who starts to make a living out of selling fake passports to illegal immigrants. Ah, the Land of the Free.


Estrada de Palha (2012)

Hay Road is a Portuguese drama with Western semblance and a political message. Set in the beginning of the 20th century when the monarchy was about to give its place to the republic, it was inspired by David Henry Thoreau’s writings concerning the justice and moral of the State.