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Limp Bizkit – Lima, Peru 2011 – Gold Cobra Tour

Without a doubt, there was plenty of interest from people in seeing Limp Bizkit live. After all, many of their fans in Peru grew up listening to the Significant Other and Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water albums that made the band famous.


Ana Cristina (Telenovela)

Ana Cristina, the first Peruvian telenovela shot in HD, is about a poor young woman who falls in love with her half-sister’s man.


Calle 13 – Entren los que Quieran

Calle 13 has always been known for their “in your face”, scandalous and raw lyrics. Their music is a widespread fusion of all things Latin American, music from merengue to salsa to traditional South American instruments, all over a base of steady rhythm hip-hop.


October (Peruvian Film)

Shot in the heart of Lima, October follows a peculiar man loaning money to the people in need of it, a lonely woman devoted to her religion, yet longing to be loved by a real man. An old man so in love that he would do anything for it. In all of this, a child is thrown and things start to change.