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Hanna (2011)

Hanna has been trained by her ex-CIA agent of a father, Erik, to be the perfect assassin.

Fincher’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Teaser

After the Red Band Teaser leaked over the weekend — a move many thought was suspiciously viral, but since then Sony has removed said “leaked” version — they give us a crisp and clear view with this teaser tailored cut for everyone.



Altiplano shows us the interconnected stories between a war photographer who had the bad experience of witnessing the execution of her Iran guide, and an Andean village who are uprising against a contaminating mine that have cost some of their loved ones’ lives.



Feature film of the 1998 French animated series Les Lascars, the film follows Tony Merguez, a petty pseudo gangsta who just wants to have a good time with his good pal Jose in Santo Rico, until he gets involved with bad boy Zoran.