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Crowd Lu – Trust Myself

Crowd Lu (盧廣仲) is back with Trust Myself (一定要相信自己), composed with Cheer Chen, Zhong Chenghu and The Sea People (討海人).


Waa Wei – In an Uncertain World

Waa Wei has released her second music video titled In an Uncertain World (在不確定的世界裡), an extract off of her latest album titled You Lovely Bastard (還是要相信愛情啊混蛋們), directed by Huang Zhong Ping and featuring Cheer Chen.


Candy Rain

Candy Rain is a collection of short pieces that revolve around a group of Taiwanese women who happened to be attracted to women. Neither of the stories deal specifically with the coming out process, important times in our lifespan, or deals with social order.