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Food Entertainment, Culture and Food Memories

Amy and I were going to talk about what types of food would be worth saving, but one thing led to another, as conversations with her go, and we ended up talking about so much more…


Osen (Jdrama)

Osen is a 10-episode 2008 NTV Japanese drama based on the manga series by Kikuchi Shota following a traditional Japanese restaurant owner named Handa Sen, often referred to as Osen by her workers and peers.

Good Burger 0

Good Burger

Unfortunate (and completely ridiculous) circumstances force two very different teens together through car crashes, insane asylum musical numbers, and the tenuous future of a fast food restaurant.


Top10 Japanese Food Anime Made Me Crave

I’ve been watching anime since I was 6 years old, more or less, and one of the things I learned about Japan (or thought I learned, anyway) was that their food looked pretty awesome and tasty. These are the foods that stood out to me.


Three Stars (2010)

Three Stars is Lutz Hachmeister’s attempt to lift the veil surrounding the world of those who managed to climb to the pedestal of that sacred publication, holiest of all grails for most aspiring and confirmed chefs: the Michelin Guide.