Obstetrics and Gynaecology Doctors (OB/GYN)

I’m a sucker for medical dramas and I wanted to see this one because cutie pie Joong Ki Song stars in it. I wasn’t really expecting much, but color me surprised when I watched this from beginning to end in the span of two days. OB/GY had it all: the heart-wrenching decisions, the dilemmas, death, love triangles. It had a lot, and it was well done.

Some sub-plots kept the main plot going, nothing was left hanging in the air. OK, there were some things, but they were minor. What I appreciated the most was how the drama highlighted some of what seems to be Korea’s social norms, especially when it comes to children with disabilities and marriage. While watching this, I was hoping that it wasn’t true, that it was all just overly dramatized.

In the end, one must remember that dramas have their origin in reality — so yeah, a little bit sad that it’s supposed to be that way. There were a lot of questions about morality and ethics being thrown around all the time, which the show handled in a very extraordinary way.

The only negative thing about the show is its leading lady. I don’t know much about Seo Hee Jang except that she was in the extremely popular Temptation of Wife. Seeing as she was rewarded with some acting awards that year should speak loads for her acting, but I can’t say much until I have seen that drama.

In Obstetrics and Gynaecology Doctors she was a bit too stoic, which to my understanding has much to do with the character. Dr. Hye Young Seo is overly cool, intelligent and one of the best in the OB/GYN field. She takes her work seriously and is always determined in her decisions. Too bad that she can’t do the same in her private life, in which she is involved with a married man and expecting his baby. To keep the baby and feel the wrath of not only her family, but also society and, perhaps, lose her job, or to abort that baby and suffer as a woman and doctor? She has it quite hard.

To me the drama was all about the supporting cast. One of my favorites, Ji Suk Suh (lead actor in Gloria), plays Jang’s best friend. A very laid back fertility doctor that has known Jang since childhood. We also have Joong Ki Song as the very clumsy attending doctor. I loved Jang’s love interest here (Sang Shik Lee, played by Joo Won Go), but he was stoic as well. Sure, he was a great counter-balance to Jang’s character because he was more sentimental and a little more naive. They made a great contrast, but he seemed just a tad too lame.

The best part of the show was that they made sure to stick as close to reality as possible by using realistic props for the new-born babies. How often do you see a TV show/drama in which a character gives birth, and the baby comes out looking like it is a month old? That irks me to no end, but in this show they tried to keep things as real as possible. I give them props for that.

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Watch it online legally and with subtitles over at ViKi.com


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