Desperate Housewives – Season 5

Something must be off on Wisteria Lane. The dark suburban humor and the telenovela mystery of the season were what made this a good show, which now pretty much has turned into a humorless non-mystery telenovela.

Is it the five-year jump? Well, let’s see… we still hate Susan, nothing new about that. The rest just swing from our “like you” and “not like you” scale, and it really depends on the episode.

Bree, however, was a character you could always turn to find something to laugh about or feel something for. Marcia Cross, who pretty much deserved a Best Actress award way before Housewives turned desperate — whoever thought Terri Hatcher deserved a Best Actress for Susan? Puhlease! — does the best she can with this new Bree, though I sometimes miss the old one… I get a glimpse of her from time to time. Lately, however, watching Bree on screen is shadowed by Orson.

Orson, whom I loved in a goofy sort of way despite the creepy, was perfect for Bree. The man who understood Bree almost better than anyone has now turned into a petty thief… a kleptomaniac. Only stealing to hurt her and irritate her. Psychological problems? Sure! It just feels a little bit silly, and not in a funny-ha-ha way. Mike’s love interests are as old as Susan’s, and Tom’s multiple mid-life crises have gotten old… really old.

Should this have ended last season?

Rating: ★★½☆☆ 


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