Art of Walt Disney, The (2011 Edition)

In reasonable theory, the 2004 edition should have been the final edition of the book because the animation studio was supposed to make Home on the Range its final 2D feature, but as we know — that didn’t happen with The Princess and the Frog. The book briefly touches on Disney’s incursion to the 3D field all the way to the inclusion of Tangled.

The Pixar content is definitely condensed with brief mentions on The Brave Little Toaster, the original Tron film and a swift look at all the Pixar shorts. The first few chapters move between Toy Story — passing mention of A Bug’s Life, Monsters Inc. and going back to Toy Story once more. The Pixar chapter ends with an equal amount of space for all the other awesome Pixar films — sans Cars~ — all the way to Toy Story 3 and the latest, Cars 2.

The rest of the book touches on Disney’s mixed media animation, barely mentioning The Three Caballeros and passing by Song of the South to give a little more focus on Mary Poppins. The live-action Disney films get even less fair treatment, all jumbled into a few pages with a few stills. The after-years include quick mentions of everything around and in-between Disney — from The Nightmare Before Christmas, a still of Glenn Close as Cruella de Vil in the 101 Dalmatians franchise, mentions of Lindsay Lohan (remember her?) in Parent Trap and Freaky Friday, Pirates of the Caribbean with a one-page spread of Johnny Depp, and a small blurb on Amy Adam’s Enchanted… ending with some mentions of Tim Burton’s Alice and Tron: Legacy.

The last bit of the book is dedicated to Disney films as theater performances and a few sketches, photos and maps on the theme parks.


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