Right Now, The – Gets Over You

Release date: April 10, 2012
Label: The Right Now


  1. I Can’t Speak For You
  2. Good Man
  3. Can’t Keep Running
  4. Tell Everyone The Truth
  5. Should’ve Told Me
  6. I Could Kiss You (I Could Cry)
  7. He Used To Be
  8. Half As Much
  9. Call Girl
  10. Higher
  11. Til It Went Wrong

The Right Now is back on the scene, providing that gritty Soul sound that’s made them one of the bands on the rise for the past couple of years. Coupled with their honest nod toward good ol’ fashioned Rhythm and Blues are genuine lyrics and a convincingly strong lead vocal compliments of Stefanie Berecz.

The album begins with a groove reminiscent of Aretha Franklin’s Baby I Love You with lyrics that are more on the side of Chain of Fools. It’s a strong opening that highlights Berecz’s vocal while still giving the band a chance to shine.

The musicianship begins in earnest with track #2, Good Man. With Soul that harkens back to Stax records in the days of Otis Redding, the song is raw, emotional, and manages to give the jilted lover theme a bit of maturity with lyrics as reaching and honest as, “I’ve never met a good man, and I’ve been searching all my days.”

Though Berecz’s voice is full of legitimate soul, there’s very little versatility in her inflections and her range. She dances around with the same vocal ability as the best singers new-age Soul music has to offer, falling somewhere between Beverley Knight and Jennifer Hudson; however, she lacks diversity in terms of intonation and how she sings a song, opting for power vocals as opposed to finding the breath between her notes.

The band is full of excellent musicians, but the music in and of itself becomes predictable at around track four, Tell Everyone the Truth. While the band and its lead vocalist definitely have their brilliant moments (Can’t Keep Running, Should’ve Told Me, Half as Much, Call Girl, Higher) songs and their arrangements meld together and run the risk of becoming boring.

Lyrically, there’s only so many times you can reiterate that your man’s done you wrong and you’re not taking it anymore. At some point a listener yearns to hear some vulnerability or at least something that maybe leaves the man out of the picture completely and opts to speak of inner peace and self-assuredness without the bitchiness and subsequent begging part-in-parcel with nasty breakups. The album touches ever so slightly on these subjects (Call Girl) but follows the same arrangement and lyrical pattern throughout.

It’s a solid effort from a band that has an earnest stake in the revival of true musicianship in the music business; however, at some point it just became one song about a cheating man and a woman’s desire to be strong in spite of the odds.

Standout Tracks: Can’t Keep Running, Should’ve Told Me, Half as Much, Call Girl, Higher

Rating: ★★¾☆☆ 

You can hear and buy the album at The Right Now’s website.


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