Milow – North and South

Release date: April 12, 2011
Label: PID


  1. Son
  2. She Might She Might [MV]
  3. You and Me (In my Pocket) [MV]
  4. Little in the Middle [MV]
  5. Building Bridges
  6. Never Gonna Stop [MV]
  7. Rambo
  8. California Rain
  9. Move to Town
  10. The Kingdom
  11. KGB

I think this will be the easiest review that I will do. Because one sentence and once sentence only can summarize this album: one of the best releases of 2011 [1].

But seeing as I will be accused of biased opinions if I leave it at that, I guess I need to explain why I love this album. As I wrote earlier, when I met Milow for an interview [2], I gave this album a listen because I had to. Here at YAM we do things a little bit different — we review what we like, not what we must (lol). So I wasn’t expecting much with North And South. Color me surprised when I found myself enjoying every single track.

It’s a matter of taste, Milow’s music fits ME just perfect. But! I believe that the appeal is the fact that the music is so light. It is the combination of happy and mellow melodies, simple yet deep lyrics. It’s really easy to hear, to sing along to, to remember. Mainstream music of high quality. It’s a beautifully made singer/songwriter album — often I find that singer/songwriter music sounds the same or it’s all so boring. But Milow is so far from that, the songs are charming, warm and meaningful.

My money is that this album will be one of my favorites for life. That’s how good I think it is.

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Listen to the album on Xiami. Get the album as a CD on Amazon.

Don’t forget to read my interview with Milow.


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