Melinda Doolittle – Coming Back to You

Release date: February 3, 2009
Label: Hi Fi Recordings


  1. Fundamental Things
  2. It’s Your Love
  3. Coming Back to You
  4. Declaration of Love
  5. The Best of Everything
  6. Wonderful
  7. Dust My Broom
  8. I’ll Never Stop Loving You
  9. I Will Be
  10. If I’m not in Love
  11. Walkin’ Blues
  12. We Will Find a Way
  13. Wonder Why

American Idol alumni, Melinda Doolittle, is most improved as she releases her debut album titled Coming Back to You. Going back to old school R&B and Soul sounds and flare that could remind you of Tina Turner, a lot of Motown, and very little pop, there is no doubt that Doolittle’s strength is her voice, which she uses quite masterfully in her songs.

Doolittle also covers Faith Hill’s If I’m not in Love, Johnny Mathis’ The Best of Everything, and her rendition of the blues standard Dust my Broom. The album will most likely alienate many of the per-track downloaders and attract the people who still buy records… but that’s just me guessing.

Highlights: Fundamental Things, It’s Your Love, Declaration of Love, Dust my Broom, Walkin’ Blues.

Rating: ★★★¾☆ 

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  1. I tend to stay away from the AI artists post-AI –I even turned the other cheek with Fantasia’s and Jennifer Hudson’s albums, and we all know them girls got pipes, albeit, most of the time they’re ridiculously overdone. However, I may actually go back to Melinda.

    Though I didn’t watch much of her season (and completely stopped all notice of it after, I think, her firsrt audition), I recognised that she had an understated grace and a maturity to her voice that, I believe, probably alienated her from the start. She’s not over the top, just right –reminds me a lot of Gladys Knight (smooth as silk, all substance and no bs).

    I’ll have to find a couple of these tracks and see what I think. I feel that while her contemporaries were all bubblegum, overblown tweenies waiting for the moment to make millions with drivel (and I say that without a sense of irony…these cats have made millions. Can’t be mad if they’re makin’ money because that’s what sells), she was just trying to find a way to carve herself into the industry and make music, plain and simple. Should be an intriguing listen.

    • Ghost Writer says:

      @Camiele White, never really follow American Idol either, but Melinda Doolittle left an impression on me from the few presentations she did. She’s definitely different.

      Jennifer Hudson’s album was… okay. She’s got just that one song that’s really good, the rest it seems she’s trying too hard to happen.

      Underwood and Clarkson are kinda meh. Adam Lambert is meh too.

      Might check that other chick that didn’t win… Crystal? People kept telling me she was good.

      I think American Idol female alumni seem to do better, ha!

      • @Ghost Writer, Well, they most certainly make more music than the males. I wouldn’t say “do better”. I guess Underwood and Clarkson worked because…well…most artists that don’t work elsewhere work in country (those that don’t “do”, teach). Clarkson was the first AI winner, so it figures she’d do well, though the finalist (Just Guarinni) had a more adult sound (when he “graduated” from AI, definitely went the jazz route, which I LOVE).

        Don’t really have to bother with Fantasia. I hate saying that, seeing as she’s a sista and I should just be supportive, but just like with Jennifer Hudson (and Adam Lambert, most definitely) it’s just overdone, trying too hard, doing too much. There’s no subtelty…no art. Whereas Doolittle seeems to be pushing herself to make music (much in the same way Justin Guarinni has been doing, though his type of sound won’t ever capture the big audiences).

        I don’t know anything about AI after the 3rd season, and a Doolittle’s audition. So, I couldn’t help ya out there. I’d love to hear what you think, though, once you do get a chance to check out…Crystal? Good luck with that :D

        • Ghost Writer says:

          @Camiele White, woah. Justin Guarini does jazzy stuff? Was just too distracted with the hair to take him seriously… plus, that Kelly and Justin movie. LOL

          Actually, I’d like to think country music has a decent standard, many of its artist still work with composers and lyricist, and don’t pretend to write music to appear more interesting. Though… crossover music does washes out lyrics for more pop flare.

  2. @Camiele White, Wow…just realised what I typed made almost no sense. I’m trying to do too many things at once. Let me try the remix:

    “That Justin to Kelly thing…you almost expected it to happen. He’s also cut his hair now, so that helps a great deal (though I love a man with an afro…I can’t help it). He’s gone on to more mature fare with a heavy contemporary jazz influence (so, more Javier Limon than Nat King Cole…but the same understated smoothness).”

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