Far East Movement – Dirty Bass

Release Date: May 18, 2012
Label: Interscope Records


1. Dirty Bass (featuring Tyga) [MV]
2. Live My Life (featuring Justin Bieber) [MV]
3. Where the Wild Things Are (featuring Crystal Kay)
4. Turn Up The Love (featuring Cover Drive)
5. Flossy (featuring Kay)
6. If I Die Tomorrow (featuring Bill Kaulitz)
7. Ain’t Coming Down (featuring Sidney Samson & Matthew Koma)
8. Candy (featuring Pitbull)
9. Fly With You (featuring Cassie)
10. Show Me Love (featuring Alvaro)
11. Live My Life (featuring Justin Bieber & Redfoo) [Party Rock Remix] [MV]
12. Little Bird
13. Basshead (featuring YG)
14. Lights Out (Go Crazy) [featuring Natalia Kills & Junior Caldera]
15. Like a G6 (featuring The Cataracs & Dev)
16. Rocketeer (featuring Ryan Tedder)
17. Live My Life (featuring Justin Bieber) [Jaywalker Remix]

Released mid-tour, Dirty Bass is an album chock full of club hits, remixes of old favorites and hot collaborations.  I was really excited for this album, and while it’s not a complete disappointment, I’m not in love with it like I was Free Wired. Dirty Bass starts out strong, and can I say, my sub-woofer got a crazy work out when the title track really kicked in. I was jamming pretty hard.

I never expected to listen to an entire song that had anything to do with Justin Bieber, but I actually find myself with Live My Life stuck in my head, the vocals match perfectly with the beats that the guys of Far East Movement created.

I liked that they featured Crystal Kay, and actually put the song out on their official album. She needs more recognition, and hopefully this will attract some interest in her. Where the Wild Things Are comes alive when Crystal sings, and fills the track with energy.

Right around the middle of the album, I got …well, bored. It was just a lot of dance club songs and then we got into remixes and re-releases of songs we’ve already heard. But, there is a hidden gem amongst the ho-hum last half of Dirty Bass  Little Bird.

Little Bird is a unique song for this album. It’s slower and has a classic sensitivity to it. The electronic layers are there, but they don’t take away from the beauty of it. Unfortunately, of all the songs with different vocalists on the album, this one doesn’t credit the back track vocals.

In all, Dirty Bass is a good album to put on when you need to get moving, and that’s what I’ll be doing. It’s not as spectacular as I was expecting, but it is lots of fun, nevertheless.

Best Tracks: Little Bird, Live My Life

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Rating: ★★★☆☆ 


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  1. kevin says:

    FYI the US edition features two bonus songs Change Your Life featuring Flo Rida and Shake Ya Rump not sure if those are digital only bonuses or included on the physical cd?!

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