Planet of Snail

Original Title: 달팽이의 별
Release date:
 June 22, 2012
Director: Seung-jun Yi

The following review was written by Taerim Kim.

Have you ever thought about not being able to use one of your essential senses? If so, what would you do to deal with it ? Planet of Snail follows the daily lives of a Korean couple dealing with disability.

Gloomy, dark, poor and miserable. These are the common assumptions in Korea about the disabled and their lives. However, this documentary might make people reconsider how we may actually be able to learn from the disabled. In other words, we may be able to learn things we have never known from their lives.

The husband of the couple is unable to see or hear. His wife, meanwhile, has a spinal condition, which means she is not free enough to carry out physical activities.

Despite that, she seems livelier than most, and, since getting married, has been willing to help her husband live his life by being a translator of sorts. He can only communicate by touch, and he has to walk with someone at all times. In fact, she can live without him, while he, on the other hand, cannot live without her.

The director, though, concentrates on their joyously simply life and attempt to make an effort to change a general idea of disabled people. If you are interested in seeing life from another perspective, why not watch this enlightening documentary?

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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