I’m Still Here

Release date: September 10, 2010
Director: Casey Affleck
Screenplay by: Casey Affleck, Joaquin Phoenix
Cast: Casey Affleck

I’m Still Here is the big mockumentary of the year that was supposed to be kept a secret, but got found out long before it was even done. That is why I perhaps found myself overly hating this “documentary” while watching it, because I knew it was all fake. But afterwards, I found myself thinking: “well, aren’t all movies fake?” And had this been presented as a movie would I have loved it?

Thing is, be it a documentary, a mockumentary, a movie, a project or just a case of Affleck and Phoenix having too much time in their hands, well, screw me over: it was genius.

I know there has been a lot of hate and a lot of love being thrown towards I’m Still Here, and I must say that it is amazing. Not only is Phoenix, perhaps, doing one of the best roles in his life, but it pissed all over the way fame, power and money are used in Hollywood. It made fun of it all.

I’m Still Here also blurred the line between what is real and what is fake — what makes a movie a movie, and what doesn’t. Had this been a movie, then it would have been the tale of a douche-diva. Had it been a documentary, then it would follow the downfall of a star or show said star’s real persona. Whatever it is, it was good. As long as you remember not to take it that seriously.

Rating: ★★★½☆ 


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4 Responses

  1. Amy says:

    I got the film, I think Phoenix spending all this time for this pseudo-character… it's an immense acting achievement. However, he was just…. it's just really REALLY annoying. And so incredibly up their butts that some "were in on the joke".

    Having said that, screw-up Hollywood stars should watch this to see how much of a fool they are.

    I still think that if Phoenix had done this "for real" that he'd actually believe that he could be a rapper, and having that splat on his face… and him trying to get back to acting – it would have been better.

  2. Julili says:

    Watching this, I found my self hating him and omg do I love JP hard and sloppy.
    So I guess that means he did the role well?

  1. August 11, 2015

    […] for his understated performance in here due to his shenanigans that resulted in the eyebrow-raising I’m Still Here, antics that also resulted in overshadowing a fine film, co-star Gwyneth managed to, at least, nab […]

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