Alfredo Bryce Echenique – No me Esperen en Abril

Literal translation: Don’t Wait for me in April
Author: Alfredo Bryce Echenique
Genre: Romantic Dramedy

No me Esperen en Abril tells the love story of a couple, Manongo and Tere, who fell in love at an early age and not even time changed the way they felt for each other. Before getting too into the book, I’d like to describe Bryce. I personally consider him one of the “men” in my life. He can make you laugh, fall in love with his characters, and even make you look for them in Lima. He uses this city as a stage, which makes him and his work so special. The reader can relate the story to some areas and streets of Lima and Peru, perhaps the reason why I’m in love with the San Isidro district.

The book describes friendship, or better yet the importance of friendship. Just like Oscar Wilde said, “Friendship is more tragic than love because it lasts longer.” While reading the book, I realized that we all have an inner Manongo. Tragic, dreamer, shy and stubborn, but unlike some who prefer to hide it or show it, he just wears ugly sunglasses to give it life. He wouldn’t be Manongo without his sunglasses. With time he was hit by his own destiny – Tere got married. She was no longer “his” Tere, she was somebody else’s. Manongo ran away, became so powerful in his own head to destroy the man who took the love of his life away, but the truth is that Manongo did it himself with his constant drama.

I also loved Teddy Boy, one of the teachers and an important person in Manongo’s life. A man that I can almost bet my favorite shoes you’d like to be around. And Tere… when I think about Tere, I just see a smile and shoulders. This little girl who had a man who worshiped her, a man that unconsciously let her go and created his own collection of Teres to be able to move on.

I just hope you enjoy the wonderful book. The end will leave you speechless and maybe even make you cry.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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by Olga Rojo

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