Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine Trailer

The trailer for Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine has finally arrived online.

The film stars Cate Blanchett as Jasmine, who just lost all of her money when her husband (Alec Baldwin) was revealed to be a crook. Jasmine flies to San Francisco and stays at her sister’s (Sally Hawkins) place (which is the opposite of her past luxurious life) because the government seized everything she had. As time passes by, and the sisters begin to clash, it seems that Jasmine has lost more than her wealth, she might have lost her mind.

The cast includes Louis CK, Peter Sarsgaard, Bobby Cannavale, Michael Stuhlbarg, Andrew Dice Clay, Charlie Tahan and Tammy Blanchard.

Blue Jasmine marks Allen’s return to drama films and it is set to premiere on July 26, 2013.