What’s for Dinner, Mom? Trailer with English Subtitles

Here’s the subtitled trailer for Mitsuhito Shiraha’s What’s for Dinner, Mom? (ママ、ごはんまだ?– MAMA, Gohan Mada?), which he’s adapting from actress Tae Hitoto’s essays, in which she talks about finding her mother’s recipe box, tracing back on her story and finding out the struggles she had to go through as the Japanese wife who lost her Taiwanese husband, moving from Taiwan to Japan, and her battle with cancer.

Haruka Kinami is playing Tae, while Izumi Kujimoto plays her sister actress-singer Yo Hitoto, and Michiko Kawai plays their mother.

The Japanese trailer was posted last month.

MAMA, Gohan Mada? is being featured at last year’s Festival de San Sebastian in the Culinary Zinema section. It opens in Japan on February 11th this year.

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