The Interview Trailer

A red band trailer for The Interview has been released online.

The premise is the following:

“In the action-comedy The Interview, Dave Skylark (James Franco) and his producer Aaron Rapoport (Seth Rogen) run the popular celebrity tabloid TV show “Skylark Tonight.” When they discover that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un (Randall Park) is a fan of the show, they land an interview with him in an attempt to legitimize themselves as journalists. As Dave and Aaron prepare to travel to Pyongyang, their plans change when the CIA recruits them, perhaps the two least-qualified men imaginable, to assassinate Kim Jong-un.”

The cast includes Lizzy Caplan, Timothy Simons, Ben Schwartz and Rob Lowe.

The Interview is co-directed by Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen, marking the second time they directed a film together (This Is The End was their previous directorial effort). The film will premiere in the USA on Christmas Day, but it is banned in North Korea.

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