Ten no Shizuku Trailer

Ten no Shizuku (天のしずく) — or literally “Droplets of Heaven” — is a documentary by Atsunori Kawamura (河邑厚徳). In it Kawamura follows cooking expert and essayist Yoshiko Tatsumi (辰巳芳子). Born in 1924 and considered a pioneer in home-cooking research, Yoshiko follows in the footsteps of Hamako Tatsumi (辰巳浜子).

Ten no Shizuku, whose complete title is Ten no Shizuku: Tatsumi Yoshiko “Inochi no SU-PU” (天のしずく 辰巳芳子”いのちのスープ”) — meaning Droplets of Heaven: Yoshiko Tatsumi “Soup of Life” — opens in Japan on November 3rd (today).

The documentary features narration by Shosuke Tanihara, readings by Mitsuko Kusabue (草笛光子), and music by Kiyoshi Yoshida.

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