Srijit Mukherji’s Zulfiqar Trailer with English Subtitles

How prolific is Srijit Mukherji, really?

He directed three feature length films in 2014— Jaatishwar, followed by Chotushkone and Nirbaak, which released in 2015. He then worked on Rajkahini, which released on that same 2015, just a few months later. This year he’s on prep for Begum Jaan, his Hindi debut… a remake of Rajkahini, and he’s already ready for Zulfiqar, which takes him back to Bengali cinema.

The film, which is a mixed adaptation of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, and Antony and Cleopatra, stars Prosenjit Chatterjee (Julius Caesar), Dev (Marcus), Kaushik Sen (Brutus), Jisshu Sengupta (Cassius), Parambrata Chatterjee (Mark Antony), Ankush Hazra (Octavius), Rahul Banerjee (Lepidus), Paoli Dam (Calphurnia), Nusrat Jahan (Cleopatra), Kyra Dutt (Octavia), Kanchan Mullick (Enobarbus) and June Malia (Portia).

Zulfiqar (জুলফিকার) is set to open in Bengali-friendly places on October 7th.


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  1. March 14, 2017

    […] haven’t had the chance to watch Zulfiqar [Trailer] yet, but Begum Jaan is ready for its release on April 14th. The film is the Hindi remake of […]

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