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  1. Prisca says:

    Well, at least the website shown during the trailer is also in english. I still can't believe that such a great movie need some help to get money ! I mean, if there's no money for such a creative movie, why do we see all these shitty comedies ? I guess I'm gonna join the "Sound Of Noise army", that'll be my anarchist action :)


    • YAM Magazine says:

      Hey, Prisca~

      Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, it's a pity we get bombarded by so many bad comedies, when films like this struggle to get passed local distribution.

      Crossing fingers for an easy home-video transition.

  2. Julili says:

    Lol wait, you mean to tell me the trailer is not out with English subs?
    Should I call the director and ask him to fix that? lol