Shiawase no PAN Trailer

Directed and written by Yukiko Mishima, Shiawase no PAN (しあわせのパン) — which translates to The Bread of Happiness — follows a young married couple, Rie (Tomoyo Harada) and Sang (Yo Oizumi), who move from Tokyo to Lake Toya in Hokkaido Prefecture to start a bakery-restaurant named Mani. While Sang dedicates himself in baking bread, his wife makes food that complements it.

The film also stars Yuta Hiraoka (Swing Girls) and Kimiko Yo (Okuribito), and is set to open in Japan on January 21, 2012.

The film reminds us of Rinco’s Restaurant slightly, which also stars Kimiko Yo.

You can follow the film’s activities until their opening date through their Asmik Ace website, Facebook and Twitter.

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