Seven Psychopaths Trailer

The trailer for Seven Psychopaths, directed by Martin McDonagh (In Bruges), has been released online.

The trailer features a bullet-point style rundown of the film’s eponymous nutty players and how they fit into the plot – including Farrell as a struggling screenwriter looking for inspiration, Sam Rockwell and Christopher Walken as his dog-napping buddies, and Woody Harrelson as the crazed gangster out for blood after his beloved shih tzu is dog-napped.

The cast also includes Olga Kurylenko, Gabourey Sidibe, Zeljka Ivanek, Tom Waits, and Abbie Cornish.

Seven Psychopaths will be screened first at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival. The film is set to premiere in the USA on October 12, 2012.