SABU’s Miss ZOMBIE Teaser Trailer

This time around, we’ll just let Kevin from Nippon Cinema explain it all:

One day a very large package is delivered to the household of a man named Teramoto (Toru Tezuka). Inside the package is a cage holding a Sara along with a handgun and note that says “Do not give meat.” Sara’s eyes are glazed over, she’s covered in scratches, and has a large cesarean section scar.

As one might expect from a zombie, Sara seemingly has very little human awareness and can’t speak, but she also doesn’t attack humans. Because of this, Teramoto reluctantly decides to keep her around as a servant. However, the other people in town treat her harshly while Teramoto is away at work, doing things like stabbing her at random and throwing rocks. In contrast, Teramoto’s wife Shizuko (Makoto Togashi) and young son Kenichi (Riku Onishi) continue to treat her like a human. Kenichi in particular seems preoccupied with Sara and takes Polaroid pictures of her.

After a tragic incident occurs one day, Sara starts gaining humanity little by little, even as the people around her seem to be losing theirs.

Miss ZOMBIE is based on an original screenplay by SABU, who was last seen directing the live action adaptation of Bunny Drop, starring idol Ayaka Komatsu as the title zombie Sara. It will open in Japanese theaters on September 14th.

IMDb lists this as a “comedy” … somehow.

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