PaPa (Korean Film) Teaser 2

Let’s start this off by saying that PaPa (파파) is tremendously difficult to find on IMDb unless you avoid using the actual movie’s name and go for the director’s name, Ji-Seung Han.

There is no actual source saying this is a co-production between South Korea [1] and the US [1], but considering 90% was shot in America and a good chunk of the main cast is not what we’re used to in terms of Korean faces, let’s make that assumption.

PaPa tells the story of a talent manager, Choon-Sub (Park Yong-Woo), who goes to America chasing his runaway talent who has left him for another manager. To stay in the US, Choon-Sub agrees to have a staged marriage where he becomes the father of six very different “children” — of which the eldest daughter, Joon (Go Ah-Ra, aka. ARA), excels at singing.

You know the variety of races in that family is genius, right? Even though the trailer is a mess, it’s still going to be interesting to see how this plays out.

Daniel Henney also appears.

PaPa is set to open on January 19th in South Korea.

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  1. moncha says:

    I want to see it :)