Palo Alto Trailer

Talk about poor timing for the debut of the trailer for Palo Alto considering the recent news [1] surrounding James Franco hitting on an underage tourist. Well, Franco’s character in Palo Alto happens to be a high school soccer coach who hooks up with one of his teen students.

While Gia Coppola serves as the film’s director and co-wrote the script with Franco — who happens to be the author/publisher of the Palo Alto short stories about a group of California high school students, on which the film is based on — the cast includes Emma Roberts, Keegan Allen, Val Kilmer, Christian Madsen, Chris Messina and Nat Wolff.

Palo Alto first premiered at the 2013 Telluride Film Festival last year and it will be shown at Tribeca Film Festival on April 24 and at the San Francisco International Film Festival on May 3. The limited release date is on May 09, 2014.

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