Nobuhiro Yamashita’s Over the Fence Trailer

Here’s the first proper trailer of Over the Fence (オーバー・フェンス) after those 17secs. of the teaser back in January. LOL

It’s glorious. Based on the trailer alone, it’s already a 3.5/5 on my book. It pairs two of my favorite fandoms, and gives Yu Aoi plenty to do. The whole promotion is selling it on her charm.

Based on a short story of the anthology Kogane no Fuku (黄金の服) by Sato Yasushi: completing a trilogy on Yasushi’s work that started with Sketches of Kaitan City (海炭市叙景) and The Light Shines Only There.

The film stars Odagiri Joe, Yu Aoi and Shota Matsuda.

Over the Fence is set to open in Japan on September 17.


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    […] You can check out the Teaser and Trailer. […]

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