Midori-ko Trailer

At the skillful hand of Keita Kurosaka comes Midori-ko (green child), a 55-minute animated film. It is a product of the over ten years Kurosaka spent drawing each and every frame of the 30 000 drawings, with striking music by cellist Sakamoto Hiromichi.

In anticipation of the coming food crisis, five scientists are working to develop a “dream food,” one that is both meat and vegetable. But, progress in the laboratory, located amidst a derelict shopping district, has hit a dead end.

One day, in the wee hours of the night, a pillar of light penetrates the lab. This is the light of a special starry sky that graces the Earth only once every ten thousand years. The scientists are overjoyed at what the light’s tremendous force has produced: the dream food that is Midori-ko. But Midori-ko has no intention of being eaten and instead flies away, escaping the lab.

Midori-ko will finally be released in theaters in Japan on September 24th.

You can check the teaser trailer which did come out with English subtitles.

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