Little Door Gods Trailer with English Subtitles

Chinese animation has evolved leaps and bounds since we began following in 2010 with Dreams of Jinsha (梦回金沙城), going through Legend of a Rabbit the next year, among other lower renders and hitting an incredible curve this 2015 going from Boonie Bears: To the Rescue to Monkey King: Hero Is Back (and to a degree, Monster Hunt) in the blink of an eye.

Founded in early 2013, Light Chaser Animation (追光动画) was founded by Gary Wang, founder and ex-CEO of the video sharing-site Tudou, in the hopes to target the rapidly growing Chinese movie market with high quality domestically produced animation. Their first feature film is a two-and-a-half year production that staffed 160 people to create Little Door Gods (小门神).

The film is about what Door Gods, guardians figurines who protect homes by being put on doors, would do in an ever-growing world where people stop believing in them. The concept smells quite strongly of Toy Story meets Rise of the Guardians, which is all fine by me. The quality goes from run-of-the-mill Dreamworks-looking graphics to astonishing in the more fantastical sequences.

We’re looking forward to this. Little Door Gods opens on the New Year, January 1st 2016 in China, but it’s prepping itself for an early run in the US to qualify for the Academy Award nominations for Best Animated Film.

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  1. October 14, 2015

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